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To my daughter

To my daughter,

You are neither a “Mary” nor an “Eve.”
You can be whomever you damn well please.
Every turn in your journey is your choice. Never feel the need to apologize for your voice.
You are not a damsel in distress
And you’re not here to clean up someone else’s mess.
Do not accept antiquated labels
Based on society’s ridiculous fables.
Set your sights higher and higher.
Always remember that they fear the dragon’s fire.
There exists no man that you’re beneath.
No matter the struggle, refuse to retreat.
Never fear the darkness of the night.
Your heart and soul emit every beam of light.
When you are deemed “oh so sweet,”
You must believe there isn’t an enemy you couldn’t defeat.
There exists no mold that can confine
Or expectation that must define.

So, eat your apple and enjoy your fruit.
Life’s too short to live by someone else’s truth.



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