To the random woman in Marshall’s with your unsolicited opinions

To the random woman in Marshall’s with your unsolicited opinions,

1. Move your damn cart out of the middle of the aisle.
2. Keep your opinions on my baby’s feeding schedule to yourself.

After a bite to eat with my girlfriends, my little one and I perused Marshall’s new autumn inventory. (Side note: Fall is coming, fall is coming, fall is coming! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‚πŸπŸ’•) Midway through our excursion, the babe does as babes do post feeding and peed in her diaper. Wet diapers displease her (duh, who wants to walk around in wet underwear?) so she let me know. It wasn’t screaming or howling, but a simple cry that wasn’t satiated with a binky. Too easy. I know the drill. Diaper is wet so, let’s find the restroom.

Before I could even grab my babe out of the car seat to comfort her, YOU, Random Marshall’s Woman, decided to INFORM ME that my baby is hungry. “Awwwww! I think she’s hungry.” My retort of “Oh, you do? Well, I think she’s fine” may have sounded rude to you. You were clearly taken back, but let me explain that you, in fact, were the rude human.

Your comment suggests that you believe if my baby cries, I do not properly care for my baby. How could I go shopping for pumpkin placemats instead of feeding this poor, feeble creature? I didn’t realize you were the Baby Whisperer. You clearly hear her cries as she intends them, “This monster starves me.” I should simply whip my tit out and shove it in my child’s face because if she cries, she is famished. There isn’t another explanation.

Oh wait, there is. Babies cry. It’s how they communicate until they can verbalize thoughts. I live every waking moment with my mini me. So, when she cries, I can usually tell you what she wants because I’m the one who fed her last, changed her last, put her on her stomach for tummy time last, or put her down for a nap last. Random Marshall’s Woman, I don’t recall seeing you breastfeeding my babe 20 minutes ago at Panera sitting across from my girlfriends.

Maybe I missed seeing you there sustaining my baby… Or maybe you shouldn’t tell a mother you’ve never even met what you think she needs to be doing for her child. Ever. She grew this person for ten months and sustains it’s life on a daily basis. This mama has it covered.

A mother of an infant who simply dirtied a diaper

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