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I never thought one experience would define me, and yet, becoming her mother has made me find myself.

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How Ya Like Them Apple Muffins?

With autumn arriving, so does apple season! My "How Ya' Like Them Apple Muffins" are so delicious that they might actually put the brownies to shame!

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To my daughter

To my daughter, You are neither a "Mary" nor an "Eve." You can be whomever you damn well please. Every turn in your journey is your choice. Never feel the need to apologize for your voice. You are not a damsel in distress And you're not here to clean up someone else's mess. Do not… Continue reading To my daughter

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Mama’s Milk Makin’ Muffins

If you're a breastfeeding mama or a support person for a breastfeeding mama, you know just how much work goes into producing enough milk for the babe. A large part of the process is mama's self care in the form of nutrition. Enter "Mama's Milk Makin' Muffins!"